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For RVing and camping information in Mexico and Belize the Church's book, TRAVELER'S GUIDE TO MEXICAN CAMPING, is the best. You can order it and look for updates at their website:

Moving on to Central American travel, John and Harriet Halkyard have written an interesting and informative book, 99 DAYS TO PANAMA, about their trip through C.A. in a motorhome, complete with an index of their camp sites. Their website is packed with useful info about RVing in a part of the world that is not set up for it and about traveling there with a dog. Their website is:

Frank and Annie Cartwright have traveled extensively in Mexico and Central America and are now planning a trip to Africa. They are very knowledgable about the mechanical details of life on the road, been our mentors and are now our friends. You can read about their travels at:

Xplorer Motor Homes was sold shortly after we bought our rig. The new owner, Bob Helvie, has set up manufacturing in Elkhart, Indianna, and is making changes to appeal to adventure travelers. Read more at:

AM Solar is a small, dedicated company in Eugene Oregon that installed our solar system. We thought their work was superior and highly recommend them. Contact Dave Reuter at

A great source of information and a way to communicate with other traverers online is the RV Forum which has separate forums for various types of rigs and interests such as technology, communications, Mexican and Latin American travel. We found this to be lifesaver when we were unable to get our electrical problems fixed in the southern Mexico. A fellow online responded to Rus's query with a detailed, step-by-step proceedure describing how to trace the power back from the outlet, and another man gave us back our air conditioner by telling us about a breaker in the generator that appeared good but was actually tripped. The site is: then select the RV Forum.

Skype is the cheapest way to talk to people back home and the signal is excellant most of the time. Once you have it downloaded onto your computer, which is free, you can call a land line or cell phone for less than 2 cents a minute, or direct to another computer for free if they have skype too. All you need is a good internet connection and a headset or microphone if your laptop has speakers. We LOVE skype!!! Check it out at:

If you are looking for a good place to study Spanish we highly reccommend our language school in San Cristobal de las Casas, El Puente Language School and Cultural Center . The teachers are well-trained and skilled, and include time to converse on the culture, arts, politics, and life in the region and the country. They even offer field trips. Also available there are the following services: internet, cinema, a vegetarian restaurant in an indoor garden, a small shop that sells baked goods and organically grown food, massage, a gallery and more. Their website is:

Another good resource is the US government site for health, entry and other detailed information about each country you plan to visit.


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